Photo of Allan

Allan Samir Espinal Garrido

Allan has three sisters and two brothers. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is fried chicken. He helps around the home by helping his mother clean and helping his father with errands. He is an obedient young boy who enjoys playing soccer with his friends during his free time. In school, Allan's favorite subject is Spanish.

HOI Middle School
Culuco, Honduras
September 01, 2005
HOI Middle

Allan's Unmet Needs

Primary School

Each child has two Education Sponsorships that are $50/month for each sponsorship. Sponsors commit to one or both of these gifts which are used for the child's tuition (in addition to the limited support which parents are able to provide) and operations of the schools. Sponsorship also provides the children with spiritual growth and development support, medical / dental screenings, educational field trips, counseling centers, libraries, and additional curriculum including English, computer training, sewing, cooking, agriculture, personal finance, physical education and arts. Sponsors will be able to write and correspond with their child and also have the opportunity to meet them in person through HOI's mission trips.

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Total required to fully sponsor Allan: $100